Everything You Need To Know About Bathing Cats

August 24, 2022 3 min read

Bathing Cats

Cats don’t usually need baths, but there are some exceptional circumstances.  If they’ve rolled in something that they can’t wash off themselves, or they have long hair which has become matted, a thorough clean might be a good idea. However, bathing cats can be quite a challenge as most of them really dislike baths and they can find the experience very stressful. 

There will be certain occasions when your cat will need to be bathed in which case there are ways to make the experience more comfortable for both of you.

How often should you bathe a cat?

In general, cats should be given a bath once every 4-6 weeks, depending on how often they groom themselves, and the environment they’re usually in. If your cat is more outdoorsy it’s a good idea to help with the grooming process as they alone won’t be able to properly get cleaned. The same applies when the cat is either elderly, or overweight.

Hairless breeds, however, require more frequent grooming due to their production of excess oils, so you should consider giving them a bath once per week. 

We recommend using Chaminol Shampoo as it is pH balanced for maintaining a healthy skin and coat in dogs and cats, and is uniquely formulated to provide deep cleansing without stripping the coat of it’s essential oils.

Before you bathe your cat

Get everything you need in one place, so that once you’ve started bathing your cat, everything is within reach. You’ll need:

● A large plastic bucket, sink or bath (lined with a non-slip floor mat) to use as a cat bath.

● Specialist cat or kitten shampoo. Find a mild all-rounder with no harsh chemicals or perfumes. Never use human shampoo, as it’s unsuitable for cat hair and skin due to the difference in pH levels. (We recommend TRM Pet’s Chaminol Shampoo for this)

● A towel or two.

● A brush to help remove any matted fur and knots


Choose the right time

To ensure that bathing becomes a positive experience for your cat, you have to choose the right time.  If they are too alert or seem irritable, things can go south quickly, so it’s best to do this when they’re more mellow and tired.

Prepare the cat

Next, you should trim the nails to avoid any possible scratches and brush the cat’s coat to get rid of all the dead skin and hair.


Bathing and drying the cat

Firstly, fill the bath with just enough warm (not hot) water to wash your cat and lower them gently into it. Don’t overfill, as this will just make your cat more anxious! Next, use a cat shampoo and make a solution out of 1 part shampoo and 5 parts water. Another important thing is to take it slow and minimize loud sounds that might unsettle the cat. 

For cleaning the face, always use a wet washcloth and wipe gently.

For the final part of your cat’s bath, wrap them in a large towel to dry them off. A blow dryer can also be an option as long as you use it on the lowest setting, but it depends on the cat’s sensitivity to the noise. After each bath, along with offering treats, make time to praise them for their good behaviour and show them lots of affection. 

There you have it, that’s it – your feline friend is all clean now and probably ready to go back to playing.



Benefits of bathing cats

There are numerous benefits of bathing a cat, from a healthier coat and a reduced presence of dandruff to the elimination of parasites or dead hair. 

While bathing your cat can be beneficial to their health, it will also significantly improve the way they smell and the amount of hair they shed, especially if we’re talking about long and soft-coated cats.

For extra freshness, check out TRM’s FRESH PETdeodorant spray. FRESH PET contains malodour control technology, which is a unique blend of active ingredients that interact with malodour molecules to destroy bad smells, not just mask them. FRESH PET stays within coat for up to 3 days, traps bad smells and is PH balanced.


More about TRM!

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